The Decision: Jasmine’s Story

What if your best friend was in trouble … And only you could save her?

Jasmine’s Story follows the intertwining fates of two best friends, Jasmine and Olivia. Jasmine is 17, the studious type, a fitness freak and runner. Her best friend Olivia is Jasmine’s polar opposite: Olivia is overweight and unfit, all well-developed curves and ever-decreasing hemlines.

Best friends since kindergarten, Jasmine and Olivia have each other’s backs until glamorous Ellie arrives. When Ellie invites Jasmine to an end of summer “blow out” at her parents’ palatial seafront home, Jasmine’s loyalties are torn when Ellie tells her Olivia is not welcome.

The Decision: Jasmine’s Story asks, should Jasmine go to the party, or not? The answer is complicated not only by Jasmine’s burgeoning relationship with Ellie’s older brother Niall, but her own secret desire to be accepted, even “popular” like Ellie.

What’s more, Olivia hides a secret of her own – one only another girl, the enigmatic and arty Jenny Keller – can corroborate … BUY NOW.

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